Fumble Chart (3.5e Variant Rule)

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Author: Silver Tongue (talk)
Date Created: 12.6.2010
Status: Finished
Editing: Clarity edits only please
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Fumble Chart[edit]

This is simply a chart designed to add a bit of variety to the player's possible plight in rolling a natural 1 during an attack.

How It Works[edit]

When a player rolls a natural 1 on a d20, it's a miss. However, to add a bit of drama to the game, have them roll a confirm miss or fumble. If they get a 2 or more on another d20 roll, the attack is a simple miss. If they roll another natural 1, roll on the fumble chart.

1d100 Effect Attack of Opportunity
01-19 Slip; roll Reflex DC 15, or slip and be Dazed for 1d4 rounds No
20-33 Stumble; roll Reflex check DC 20, or stumble and be Dazed for 1d6 rounds No
34-39 Trip; Shaken for 1d6 rounds No
40-44 Off Balance; roll Dexterity Check DC 18, or no action next round, and Flat-footed No
45-49 Lose grip on weapon; roll Reflex Save DC 20, or no attack next round and Flat-footed No
50-54 Lose grip on weapon; roll Dexterity DC 20, or drop weapon Yes
55-59 Lose grip on weapon; drop weapon, Shaken for 1d4 rounds Yes
60-61 Dumbfounded by own ineptitude. Will Save DC 20 or Slowed for 1d4 rounds No
62-63 Slip, knocked prone in current space taking 1d6 nonlethal damage Yes
64-65 Random Fluid gets in eyes. All opponents concealed (50% miss) and lose Dex bonus to AC for 1d6 rounds. No
66-69 By a stroke of luck, avoid the crit fail, cancelling your current action. No more actions can be taken for the remainder of the current turn. No
70-74 Weapon breaks (base 100%: -10% Masterwork, -10% for each “plus”or ability) No
75-77 Hit Self; ½ damage + Shaken 1d3 rounds No
78-79 Hit self; normal damage + Dazed 1d3 rounds No
80 Hit self; auto-critical + Stunned 1d3 rounds No
81-83 Hit ally; ½ damage Yes
84-85 Hit ally; normal damage Yes
86 Hit ally; auto-critical Yes
87-88 Critical hit self + Slowed 1d2 rounds Yes
89-90 Critical hit ally + Stunned 1d2 rounds No
91-92 Twist ankle; Slowed for 10 rounds, Dex check DC 20 or fall Prone. No
93-95 Trip and Fall; Prone, Slowed for 1d3 minutes No
96-97 Spectacular display renders you prone and Slowed for 1d6 rounds Yes
98 Knock yourself cold in a daring feat of incompetence. Helpless for 1d6 rounds. No
99 Critical hit self, knocked unconscious 1d6 minutes Yes
100 Both 99 and 70-74 Yes

This chart had multiple authors over a course of time.

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