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As many of you know, I have a unique writing style. Which is there for good reason, but has a way of confusing some readers. You will also find that most of my work has a little BS - or madness. I would appreciate development, but will not compromise the style. If you find my article to be too confusing for a moral mind, you might not want to use them.

Also will mention that many of my articles create new independent rules. The independent rules do not require other homebrew work, and are meant to be played side by side with canon material. But make sure to read the articles toughly before allowing them. The main criticism against these new rules remains to be: complexity. Thus simplifying (which may increase an articles strength) may be the best option.

If you wish to take the time to review or comment on any of my pages, please be sure to remove any sugarcoating. I enjoy criticism far too much. If you have found something truly horrible - making note of it will save many others from having to see the same thing.

Additions to the Madness[edit]

For PCs[edit]


Original: Kisalli, Skandar, Uongo-mijusi, Zeitgeist

Adopted Races: Pantheren, S'uuisku


Base Classes: Judge of Existence, Sith/Jedi, Intelligent Item(junk drawer),
Yatri Spectre(junk drawer)

Prestige Classes: Viveka Spectre, Dream Lord(Help Wanted)

Paragon Classes: Onni, Wasomi

Character Options[edit]

Alternate Class Features: Raging Hulk

Feats: Hothead (improved, greater), Improved Slow Heart Beat,
Icy Resilience, Cold Retardant Fur, Courtier (advisor)

Traits: Masochistic, Sadistic

Bloodlines: Chimera

Class Ability Components[edit]

Spells: chill object, heat object, cloth shape, metal shape, crystal shape,
density, enchant Item, Sedah’s counterspell of superfluous detail


Gas Mask, Power Cell(junk drawer), Reinforced Plastic, Star Ships,
Energy Leech(junk drawer), Uzi, ZQ Hub, ZT Launcher, ZW Clip,
ZZ Sniper Pistol

Character Optimization[edit]

Builds: Shiva, Nightmare, !Kun, Ngao, Hermes

Guides: Limb Manifesto, Zone of Mundane

For GMs[edit]

Campaign Settings[edit]


Admirali, Joker, Ohje, Valentine, Zatoichi







For Everyone[edit]



Creature Abilities:


Source Books[edit]

Variant Rules[edit]




Personal Reference[edit]







Uploaded Pictures
Name pages with file source
Uber Lizard.jpg Xeno Codex (3.5e Sourcebook)/Travelers of the Fates/Uongo-mijusi,
Uongo-mijusi (3.5e Race), Wasomi (3.5e Racial Paragon Class)
Jabba.jpg Zeitgeist (3.5e Race) Daarken
Viveka Spectre.jpg Viveka Spectre (3.5e Prestige Class) feeblemind
Star Ship Transport.jpg Usafiri (3.5e Monster)
Fighter Spaceship.jpg Kero (3.5e Monster) deviantart
Star Ship Stealth.jpg Kidogo (3.5e Monster) Peter Lee
Necromancer.jpg Grimoire Necromancer (3.5e Class) Daarken
Big Sword.jpg Tiny Hammerer (3.5e Prestige Class)
Uon Turret.jpg Uon Turret (3.5e Monster) deviantart
Crescendo.jpg Crescendo (3.5e Monster) deviantart
Icara.jpg Icara (3.5e Monster) deviantart
Sky Hunter.jpg Airship Pilot (3.5e Prestige Class) deviantart
Witch_Doctor.jpg Witch Doctor (3.5e Class) Daarken
Amazon.jpg Aiton Amazon (3.5e Race) Daarken
Abomination.jpg Abomination (3.5e Prestige Class) Daarken
Wadogo.jpg Wadogo-mijusi (3.5e Monster) deviantart
Space Ship Siege.jpg Star Ship, Gun Ship (3.5e Monster), Abathor (3.5e Monster), DeCimae (3.5e Monster) deviantart
Bot 3.jpg Lagım (3.5e Monster) deviantart
Scarab Monarch.JPG Scarab Monarch (3.5e Monster) deviantart
Guzurren.jpg DeCimae (3.5e Monster), Nyota Mji (3.5e Location) deviantart
Kisalli.jpg None deviantart
Polytendril.jpg Hoja (3.5e Monster) deviantart
Hoja Ship.jpg Hoja (3.5e Monster) deviantart
Nyota Mji 2.jpg Nyota Mji (3.5e Location) deviantart
Abathor.jpg Abathor (3.5e Monster) deviantart
DeCimae.jpg DeCimae (3.5e Monster) deviantart
Gun Ship.jpg Star Ship, Gun Ship (3.5e Monster) deviantart
Star Ship City.jpg None
Hylian Shield.jpg None deviantart
Hallway.jpg None deviantart
Nyota Mji.jpg None deviantart
Battle Ship.jpg None deviantart
File:Jace's Ingenuity.jpg None deviantart
File:Mansarali.jpg Dream Lord (3.5e Prestige Class) deviantart