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For information on familiars, see: Familiars

Creature Entry Summary Type Size Prerequisite Master Benefit
Bobcat The bobcat is mid-sized lynx about twice the size of a normal housecat. Animal Small None Scratch Attack.
Bug of Holding Magical Beast Tiny None Stores as much as a bag of holding type I which only the master can access.
Chickfowl Chickfowl are domesticated flightless birds raised for meat and eggs. Animal Tiny None May reroll Initiative before combat order is determined, but at a −4 penalty.
Chickfowl of the Sea Chickfowl of the sea are domesticated aquatic birds raised for meat and eggs. Animal Tiny None May reroll Initiative before combat order is determined, but at a −4 penalty.
Dark Pygmy Aberration Tiny Improved Familiar, dark insight 0 or higher, caster level 5th. Dark Knowledge
Darwin Monkey Monstrous Humanoid Small Improved Familiar None
Deep Blue-Ringed Octopus Animal Diminutive Improved Familiar, caster level 5th. -
Dire Chicken, MS Variant Animal Large
Doki Doki Fey Tiny None +3 Diplomacy
Duck Ducks are a diverse group of waterfowl, capable of swimming and diving. Animal Tiny None Water walk (self only, water only) at will as a standard action.
Eladrin, Noviere Outsider Medium
Eye Jellyfish Vermin Diminutive None +3 Spot
Eyeball Aberration Tiny None +3 Spot checks
Eyeball Beholderkin Aberration Tiny
Famael Weakest of the celestial logos, they are observers whose purpose is to look for problems and report them higher up the chain of command for other logos to address. Outsider Tiny Lawful Good, Lawful Neutral, or Neutral Good, Caster Level 5th, and Improved Familiar None
Fetum Homunculus Construct Small
Firebrat A tiny scuttling bug with a burning, corrosive bite. Magical Beast Tiny None Energy Resistance 2 (acid) or Energy Resistance 2 (fire).
Firefriend Firefriends are an extraplanar race of insects native to the Quasi-Elemental Plane of Radiance, though they sometimes find their way to the Material Plane. Vermin Small Improved Familiar, 7th-level or higher arcane spellcaster None.
Fizzle Sprite Fey Tiny None +1 CL on [Light] spells
Frog These statistics describe a small frog about 2–5 inches in length such as a tree frog or a leopard frog. Animal Fine None May hold breath for a number of rounds equal to four times his Constitution.
Ghostfire Undead Diminutive
Goliath Frog Goliath frogs are a species of large frog, growing up to 2 feet in length and weighing as much as 7 pounds. Animal Tiny None +3 bonus on Jump checks.
Headcrab A headcrab is a predatorial Xenotheric species, whose natural hatching grounds lie within the vast plateaus of Xen. Outsider Tiny None +3 bonus on Jump checks.
Huck Limpet A tiny hard-shelled otherworld mollusc. Magical Beast (Xenoblooded) Tiny None Amphibious.
Jack Candle Fey Tiny None +3 Intimidate
Kavka Kavkas are small avians from the planet Gokia that feed on bugs and occasionally scavenge on other meats. Animal Tiny None +3 bonus on Listen checks., +3 Listen
Mouse A mouse is a small rodent smaller than a rat, and much more docile and cowardly. Animal Fine None +3 bonus on Hide checks.
Nimbus Seeker Elemental Large Druid level 7th or Improved Familiar and caster level 7th -
Nixie-1080 Cam Drone Construct Diminutive None Use Knowledge Xeno and Program untrained, or +2 bonus if you have ranks.
Omophagea Rat Magical Beast Tiny, Small Improved Familiar, caster level 3rd -
Oxy-Sprite Elemental Tiny
Parasite, Bloodring Aberration Fine None Spell Resistance
Phantom Limb Undead Tiny Improved Familiar, caster level 11th. -
Pixel Fey Fine None None
Poison Dart Frog The statistics presented here represent a wide range of brightly colored, poisonous frogs. Animal Fine None No risk of poisoning self while applying poisons.
Quantum Cat Aberration Tiny Improved Familiar, caster level 6th -
Quasit Outsider Tiny
Quirk Turk Fey Tiny None +3 hp
Rabbit Animal, Magical Beast Tiny None (rabbit) and CL 5th (magic rabbit) +3 Jump (rabbit) and None (magic rabbit)
Rockhound Animal Medium Improved Familiar, caster level 7th. +2 bonus on Trip opposed rolls.
Sea Pig Animal Small None Improved ToughnessCW
Singstar Fey Tiny None +3 Perform
Sockling Construct Tiny None None
Spark Plushie Construct Diminutive Non-lawful +2 Knowledge Arcana (and may use untrained)
Spelling Faerie Fey Fine None +3 Decipher Script checks
Squirrel These docile rodents thrive in temperate woods, where they eat mostly nuts, berries, and small insects. Animal Tiny None +3 bonus on Climb checks.
Squirrel, Flying Flying squirrels have two flaps of skin connecting their forearms to their body, which allows them to “fly” from tree to tree. Animal Tiny None +3 bonus on Jump checks.
Starcatcher Fae A pixie-like creature made out of dreams and magic, it shimmers and drops glowing fairy dust. Fey Fine Improved Familiar, caster level 7th -
Steam Elemental Elemental Small, Medium, Large, Huge
Tarantula Vermin Diminutive None +3 Climb
Tatzy A tiny snake-like cat-like creature known to be "territorial" and occasionally used as a familiar. Magical Beast Tiny None Hypnotic Eyes (Su) ability and immunity to tatzy poison.
Tiny Ghost Undead Diminutive None None
Tiny Phoenix Magical Beast Tiny Improved Familiar, caster level 6th. -
Tortoise Small shelled reptiles commonly kept as pets. Animal Tiny
Tree Ocelot Tree Ocelots, also known as margays, are skillful climbers who live in the trees. Animal Tiny None +3 bonus on Climb checks.
Umbral Cat Magical Beast Tiny Improved Familiar, 7th-level or higher arcane spellcaster None.
Voltorb Elemental Tiny
Wonder Egg Fey Tiny None +3 Hide
Zergling A fast, scary beast that tears people apart and runs in groups. Aberration Medium Improved Familiar, Caster Level 5 None.

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