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This table lists all the 4e paragon paths on the wiki. You can also view this page in category format, if you wish.

Name Description
Abhorsen The power of music has a hold on the dead; with the willpower behind it, the dance of the dead can be forced into any tune the singer desires. That is the power of the necromancer, whether or not music is their medium. But as music can raise the dead into undeath, so can it put them back to rest, as well bind those who refuse the final end. That is the duty of an Abhorsen.
Acrobatic Savant There are many different acrobatic traditions all across the world. Some types of acrobats include gymnasts, circus performers, dancers, and martial artists. A potential acrobat needs to have good balance, agility, and motor coordination. As an acrobatic savant, you have these traits in abundance. You routinely perform feats of acrobatics that awe and amaze enemies and allies alike.
Artifice Crafter
Black Lion Lead A Black Lion Lead is a Striker balanced between melee and ranged attacks. They represent an elite group of operatives within the Black Lions. They maintain their specializations of: physical combat, cohesive politics, social grace, and civil administration.
Black Magician
Blood Eye The coloring in your eye turns red, for any who have deceived or harmed those of innocence. None shall remain alive to those who continue bringing havoc to the world you love.
Chosen Rider
Dawnsinger A songweaver surrounded by an aura of light.
Death Knight
Death's Dancer A songweaver that practices the art of the dance of death.
Deep Diviner
Demonbinder In becoming a demonbinder, you sacrifice your immortal soul for the instant power granted by the abyss.
Drow Judicator
Enchanter A songweaver who's enchanting voice is irresistible.
Eye of the Spider Queen As an eye of the spider queen, you pride yourself in your vigilance and pay attention to the smallest detail. You are a member of the secret police of Lolth, or a member of Arachne's elite infiltrating team. You specialize in steath, subterfuge and hit-and-run warfare.
Healer A songweaver that focuses her powers in the art of healing.
Joker A joker is a rogue that like tricking the others, gambling, bluffing and joking, it is the joker: it always come with a new surprise, making itself a deadly enemy. Jokers almost all time don't enter in melee combat, using projectiles to pierce and defeat it's enemy.
Master of the Forest A songweaver that can command trees with music.
Ocean's Song A master of the music of the seas, who can unleash the wrath of the sea with a chord.
Paragon of Song
Phalanx Warrior A powerful Warrior who focuses on protecting allies using reach weapons and shields.
Priestess of the Spider
Prophecy Guardian
Purple Dragon Knight
Shadow Guardian
Spider Disciple
Spider Keeper
Spider Lancer You are a mighty spider rider who specializes in headlong (and almost suicidal) charges that shatter the enemy. The spider queen has chosen you for the strength she sees within you and gifted you with the power of the theraphosa.
Spider Lord
Starlight Harmonist
Swamp Walker
Swift Spydre
Vengeance Taker
Warsinger A songweaver that specialises in more aggressive forms of music.
Weaver You have always been fascinated with the beauty of the silken webs of the spider and her amazingly constructed traps. Maybe this brought you to learn how to craft such things for yourself. Or maybe you just like to taste the fear of those inescapably trapped in a spider's web. Either way, you have learned to craft beautiful webs for yourself. And on the way, you learned to be the spider you always longed to be.
Weaver of Time A musician whose songs alter the flow of time.
Wordkeeper A Wordomancer who is careful to use words at appropriate times.
Wordstacker The Wordstacker prefers to maximize the insanity of a single spell before releasing it in an all-or-nothing blast.
Wrathful Crusader A holy knight who uses his righteous fury to punish the minions of evil.
Yathchol Webrider
Zephyr's Song

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