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Primeval Dragons

In older and more dangerous times, the Primevals ravaged the mortal world.

Dragons have populated the material plane and the realms beyond for untold ages, long before even the most early of mortal races rose up from the primordial dregs and harnessed the power of language and script. Since the great majority of dragon lore predates contemporary civilization by hundreds of millennia, most knowledge of these powerful creatures has never been written down, and subsequently forgotten or descended into obscurity. The most ancient and reclusive of dragons live out their untold millennia of life away from mortal eyes, or hibernate the ages away underground or at the peaks of the tallest mountains. Many great exemplars of dragonkind never even set foot on the material plane, dwelling on the far reaches of elemental, outer, or even more obscure planes where mortals, in their limited power and potential, never learn of their existence. And perhaps they should treasure their ignorance, for even the oldest and most powerful of chromatic and metallic dragons, that require an alliance of the greatest mortal heroes and villains of the time to slay, pale before the might of the Old Ones. These types of dragons that inhabited the world during ancient times, interwoven into the very tapestry of Creation itself, and heralding change, birth and death, creation and destruction on massive scales, are known only to the greatest of mortal minds as the primeval dragons.

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