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After the casting was complete, I saw the flash of the anchor symbol in my eyes. And then I waited for the magic to finish its work and take hold. A short while later, without warning, I glimpsed the world as if from a great height for a brief moment, before finding myself and my companions at our destination.

Warp is a teleport replacement intended to remove some potentially problematic aspects of teleport. By only allowing travel to specific, pre-anchored positions that you have created yourself, researched, purchased knowledge of, or otherwise discovered, it lacks the ability to immediately transport to any location you have scryed. And while it has a casting time of a single action, it does not take effect immediately and is much less suitable for an instant retreat, leaving you in a position where you must still hold out until you can flee. It functions more as a travel or plot utility ability, and less as a combat or ambush ability.

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